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We forcus on performance only



We Offer True Performance Marketing

Adminet is a Programmatic Advertising Network. We provide the cross-platform display exchange network  for desktop, mobile web and mobile app advertising for demand and supply partners, for direct advertisers and publishers.


Our Mission

Our mission is simplifying online advertising while minimize the manage time & maximizing the ROI for both advertisers and publishers.Otherwise also help marketers truly understand how advertising invesment.


Our Vision

Adminet aims to become one of the top 3 Programmatic Ads platforms provider in Asia area.


Our Values

Success Starts Here

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Working your money while making your money work for you

 Strong focus on customer acquisition and pay-per-performance online advertising campaigns (CPC, CPL, CPI, CPA, CPS, CPO)

Engage Your Audience 

Cross-chanel  marketing made easy

  mobile xanh Adminet123       Mobile
 display     Display
 Ngoisao Adminet123     Rich Media

Expand Your Horizons

Expand your advertising toolkit with Adminet

 setting Vang Adminet123  Ad Exchange
 Bua Adminet123  Real-Time Bidding
 window  Data Management Platform

Magnify Your Performance

Get more from your ad operations

 rocket  Performance Driven Optimization
 MuiTen Adminet  Precise Audience Targeting

Know Your Result

Get timely updates on key infomation

 speed  Real-Time Analytics
 report  Granular Reporting
 badge  Schedule Reports

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Publisher & Developer

Monetize Your Traffic

 Maximize your revenue by displaying only the most relevant ads for your audience

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 Our Campaign

Exclusive campaign depending on your traffic and promotion methods. Adminet offer a range of payment models including: CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL, CPS, CPO


 Real-Time Reporting

Through publisher interface, you will have the ability to fully manage your publisher account with real time reporting and detaild stats to help you analyze and optimize performance


Competitive Payment Term

Adminet offer Net7, Net15, Net30 payment term to our partners. Please check to your account manager for more information


Dedicated account management & support

You will have dedicated Publisher Account Manager to help you match your traffic with the right campaign

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Yes We Are

Amazing Team

We believe that our greatest assets are our people. 
Through their talents we can create great value for our clients, the work we produce, our shareholders and the community at large.

Adminet ceo

Nhi Tran


As CEO, Nhi has the end responsibility on all agency matters, vision and action. She is the shouder to laugh, to cry and to clean on.

Adminet Tien bisinness 370x370

Tien Nguyen

Business Development Director

As a Business Development Director with a lot of experience, Tien knows how to bring out the best things in our team, and in our clients. 

Adminet Account

Lee Lee

Account Manager

As Account Manager with two years in digital marketing, Lee is dynamic personality - she listens until she understand and work until you smile delivering work that make both our clients and our people happy.

Adminet Code developer

Thanh Kha

Head of Technology

As Head of Technology, Thanh in depth knowledge on interactive media stimulates a strong synergy with the creative. Driven to perfect execution and quality of all digital work. 

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Contact Information

any time.


Lee Lee
Account Executive
Phone: (+84) 862-507-166
Email: adminet@adminet.vn


Tien Nguyen
Phone: (+84) 862-507-166
Email: tien.nguyen@adminet.vn
Saturday-Sunday:Please Email


Thien Thu
Media Executive
Phone: (+84) 862-507-166
Email: publisher@adminet.vn